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Captain Nog of the 25th Century

Captain Nog of the 25th Century is the story of Nog as Captain of the USS Tycoon. As the Undine ravage the Beta Quadrant and take aim at the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Nog and his crew prepare for the battle of a lifetime.

EP 1 - Return to DS9 Pt 1

There is tension building in Beta Quadrant as the Undine turn their eyes from the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Nog and the crew of the USS Tycoon are order to join the fleet amassing at Deep Space 9.

EP 2 - Return to DS9 Pt 2

Captain Nog and his crew arrive at DS9 as tension with the Undine continues to mount. Klingons and Romulans join the armada, which they begin calling the "Alpha Alliance," that is being built to defend the Beta Quadrant.

EP 3 - Waiting is the Hardest Part

Captain Nog's crew and the rest of the fleet wait around impatiently for the something to happen. New crew are assigned to the USS Tycoon, one of whom will be tested.

Ep 4 - Prelude to War?

The USS Tycoon leads a contingent that heads out to confront a group of Undine fighter ships. Crewman Nguyen questions Starfleet's command structure.

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