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Legal Notice

Copyright is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” franchise. Star Trek®, in all its various forms and marks, are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. and/or Paramount Pictures.

2021 © CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp​.


All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. All original content on is the property of it's creators or Black Cat Community Press.

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Fandom Licensing 

Unimatrix Zero is a Fandom community, as such content on this website is also covered by the terms and conditions of the Fandom Licensing policy, including the Commercial Use Waiver (see "Wikis Using the CC-BY-NC License" in the aforementioned policy). For the purposes of Unimatrix Zero, the Commercial Use Waiver only applies to advertisements, and no other purpose.

Links & Comments

Unimatrix Zero often links to other websites in it's articles and essays. Unimatrix Zero is not responsible for the content or business practices of these websites. When you leave our websites we encourage you to read the destination site’s privacy policy. This privacy statement and legal notice applies solely to

In addition to articles, essays, fanfiction, art, and other content, this website may contain comment sections allowing comments to be submitted by the readers. These comments are not the views of and Unimatrix Zero is not responsible for the content of any of the comments. Comments are the sole responsibility of their author(s). does not actively monitor these comments and the information on them is for entertainment purposes only. If we are alerted to something we deem inappropriate in any way (this includes but it not limited to: harassing other commenters, trying to post as two different names in the same comment chain, comments of a racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory nature against oppressed communities, and/or repeated uses of inappropriate language), we may delete it at our discretion.

Cookies & Tracking

Unimatrix Zero may use cookies for our readers to save their preferences. This data is not shared with any third party. If you comment, a cookie will be created that saves the name, e-mail address, and the optional website URL you used to make it easy for you to comment again. Accessing Unimatrix Zero is not dependent on accepting cookies. All major browsers allow you to disable cookies if you wish.

Our advertisers, if and when we obtain them, may use cookies in order to determine the number of times you have seen an advertisement.

Our industry-standard traffic reporting records IP addresses, Internet service provider information, referrer strings, browser types and the date and time pages are loaded. We use this information in the aggregate only to provide traffic statistics to advertisers and to figure out what content is most popular.

If you choose to comment on an article, the information you typed into the name, e-mail address, the optional website URL, and the public IP address you used to comment from is recorded by the Unimatrix Zero comment system for internal use only.

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