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Pitches & Submissions

We're always looking for other writers and artits in the fandom who have great ideas for fanfiction, art, essays, interviews, and other content for the site. If you have an idea, send us your pitch or submission.

What We're Looking For accepts pitches and submissions for fanfiction and fanart, essays, interviews, reviews, news articles and reported work, features, and more. Below, you'll find some ideas about what kind things we're looking for, as well as some general tips for sending us pitches and submissions.

Things that we're always interested in:

  • Fanfiction: we're looking for everything from stories that are set in the Star Trek universe and use TV show and movie characters or original characters, to stories set in the real world or AUs that use Star Trek characters, to whatever your imagination can come up with. 

  • Fanart: we are always looking for fanart to highlight and use on the site in various ways

  • Interviews with Star Trek actors, guest stars, writers, showrunners, producers, and other production team members.

  • Philosophical, political, personal, or other essays that relate back to Star Trek.

  • List articles: we want to hear about your top 10 time travel, Ferengi, or holodeck episodes. We want your list of favorite Jeffery Combs characters, Jefferies tube scenes, or best Star Trek ships, etc.

  • Reports about current events, space exploration, technology, etc. and how those relate back to Star Trek 
    (i.e. scientists transporting a molecule across miles of distance, developments in holographic tech, nanotech, medical tech that is reminiscent of Trek, etc. The possibilities are vast.) 

  • Responses to new Star Trek episodes. We don't want episode recaps. We're looking for in depth looks at various themes, storylines, ideas, tech, etc that were introduced or explored in an episode.

  • Reviews of Star Trek novels, comic books, video games, movies, etc. Especially, but not limited to new releases.

  • Pieces that relate to Star Trek and center voices from marginalized communities.

  • Interviews with and profiles of interesting Star Trek fans, fanartists, and fanfiction writers.

  • Any other creative and interesting Trek-related ideas you might have! 

We are interested in pitches on the following topics (as they relate to Star Trek) for the month of September 2021:

  • National Suicide Prevention Month

  • Labor Day (September 6)

  • National Grandparents' Day (September 14)

  • Mabon/Ostara/Autumn Equinox (September 22)

  • Captain Sisko

  • Ensign Beckett Mariner

  • The Doctor

  • Quark

  • Deep dives on episodes from Lower Decks season 2.

  • Analysis of the first two seasons of Lower Decks.

  • "Death Wish” (VOY S2:E18), particularly in relations to National Suicide Prevention Month.

  • “Blood Oath” (DS9 S2:E19)

  • “Et In Arcadia Ego Pts 1 & 2” (PIC)

General tips to follow:

  • We will not publish anything that discriminates against marginalized and oppressed populations.

  • We will not publish x-rated, non-consentual, or abusive erotica. Erotica in general is fine, and we love shipfic, but don't be a predator and leave something to our imaginations. 

  • In general, horror fanfic is fine and we'll publish it, but we will not publish grotesque horror.

  • Should I pitch or submit?

    • Pitch - If you don't want to write/create your piece until know we're interested, then write up a strong pitch and send it our way.

    • Submit - If you've already written your piece, are going to write it anyway, don't want to do a pitch, or for any other reason, then just create your piece, polish it up, and submit your final draft to us for consideration.​

  • We will do our best to respond to pitches and submissions in a timely manner. If we don't respond with 14 days, then you are welcome to send a query email to

  • Please use the following email subject line format to ensure we see your email: "PITCH: [Title]" or "SUBMISSION: [Title]"

  • If your pitch is urgent or timely (for example for articles about recent episodes, break news articles, or responses to specific monthly submission calls), then please use the following subject line format: "URGENT PITCH: [Title]"

  • Please a brief cover letter to introduce yourself.

    • Please make it clear in your cover letter what type of piece you are submitting or pitching. Is it an essay? If so it a philosophical, political, or a personal essay? Is it a reported article like a news article? Is it a list? An interview? Some kind of combination?​

  • If you are sending a pitch rather than submitting completed work, then please provide a sample that demonstrate your ability to write whatever it is you happen to be pitching. If you don't have a sample to provide that doesn't disqualify you, but we may ask you to produce a draft before we decide to commit to the piece.

  • If you are sending a pitch, please get right to the point. We don't necessarily need an 750 word pitch. What is important is to make sure that what you’re pitching is clear within the first paragraph, and that you have a strong paragraph or two in addition to that describing briefly expanding on the basic pitch idea.

  • Please be sure to lay out your format and plan.

  • Relatedly, please include an approximate word count and propose a filing date.

  • Overall, do be sure to come through with a complete idea. We are here to help you tweak and shape your pitches, but not give you your pitches!

  • We are unable to pay for published work at this time. We hope to be able to in the future. But we're new, and we have no money to pay with yet. So at this point, it's a labor of love for all of us!

How to Pitch or Submit to Unimatrix Zero

To pitch or submit to Unimatrix Zero, please read the following guidelines in full. Then send us an email to

*We hope to get back to you much sooner, but please allow at least 30 days for a response.

In the subject line of your email write [Pitch - (Content Type)] or [Submission- (Content Type)] For example (Pitch - Fanart) or (Submission - Essay).

If you submission is high priority (i.e. breaking news of some kind in the universe and fandom) that we should review ASAP, then please title the subject line of your email with [ST - Pitch (Submission) - (Content Type)]


Include the following in your email:


  • Name (and pen name if applicable)

  • Email address

  • Examples of publications your writing has been in, if any 

      (if you don't have any, don't worry, it isn't required)

Pitch Summary

Summarize your idea for us. This doesn't need to be long. In fact, we highly prefer it not be long. A solid, well written paragraph or two describing what your article, essay, fanfiction, or art submission is about is more than enough. This is important. Please don't forget to include your pitch summary.

3rd Person

After your pitch summary, please include a brief 3rd person bio of no more than 75 words. If your pitch/submission is accepted, we'll add your bio to the bottom of your piece when it is published.

Example: Author B. Writer is Sci-Fi freak and artist who spends their time drawing Star Trek, Star Wars, and other science fiction scenes. They live in Metropolis, Texas with their partner, cat Spot, and dog Porthos.


If your article, essay, fanfiction, interview review or art piece is already finished, please attach it to your email. If your piece is not yet finished, or if you prefer to wait to start it until you know whether your pitch hs been accepted, then please attach a sample of other work that shows you have the ability to write or create the piece your are pitching.


Accepted file formats for written pieces are doc, docx, rtf, & txt.

Accepted file formats for fanart include jpg and png. High resolution png preferred.

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