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Ten Forward

A feature of all Federation Galaxy Class starships, Ten Forward is the social hub of Starfleet’s intrepid explorers. Stop by for the Unimatrix Zero Podcast, plus articles on all things from within the Trekiverse and fandom.

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Join host Justine Norton-Kertson for Trek rewatches, plus other fun and thought provoking segments related to the Trekiverse. Coming August 2023!

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From the nature of life and the sentience of Artificial Intelligence to the interspecies ethics of the Prime Directive, Unmatrix Zero tackles the tough philosophical questions explored by our favorite SciFi franchise.

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Racial justice, women's rights, LGBTQIA+ issues, environmentalism, critiques of capitalism. Essays and critiques on how Star Trek has tackled these and other important political issues over the decades.

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So many potential Trek related essays and articles boiling and bubbling, waiting to be shared. Personal stories about the universe and fandom, how a particular episode or character changed your life. Other ideas? Possibilities are endless.

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