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The Holosuite

The Holosuite is all about fiction and storytelling. When you come here you’ll find ever-increasing amounts of Trekiverse fan fiction. Our holosuites are open 26 hours per day, so stop by and spend some time enjoying yourself.

Captain Nog_LowerDecksStyle.png

Captain Nog of the 25th Century is the story of Nog as Captain of the USS Tycoon. As the Undine ravage the Beta Quadrant and take aim at the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Nog and his crew prepare for the battle of a lifetime.

Will The Traveler.png

Ever wonder what happened to Wesley after he left the Enterprise-D with The Traveler? Wonder no longer. Now you can follow the adventures of Wes Crusher, The Traveler, right here in the Unimatrix Zero Holosuite.

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